About us


To achieve gender equality in Turkey based on the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


In order to bring about changes in laws, institutions and social life, we aim for men’s better awareness and active involvement in the struggle against all obstacles and prejudices that cause gender inequality and sexual discrimination.


We recognize and support the past and present struggle of women’s organizations and women’s rights advocates for gender equality and against all forms of discrimination against women.

In order to develop projects and practices that we would proudly own, and share with others, we will use peaceful, pro-active, consistent, transparent and accountable methods, based on mutual trust and respect.

We believe in living by the principles that we advocate and reflecting them in our discourse, attitudes, and behavior so that we would set good examples to the larger society.


In order to achieve a society based on gender equality;

  • We will launch projects that raise awareness about gender inequality and contribute to the development of gender equality;
  • To that end, we will cooperate with institutions, organizations, and communities both in Turkey and abroad based on mutual respect, trust, and solidarity,
  • We will run campaigns and initiatives in order to improve the legal framework and government policies on gender equality,
  • We will work toward a wider and better understanding of the concept of gender equality.


Based on our mission, values and strategy, our priority will be to initiate projects, advocacy activities, and support existing efforts in the following areas:

Ending violence against women and their children

Considering the fact that human life and dignity are fundamental rights, we will work to put an end to physical, mental, social and economic violence against women and their children.

Increasing awareness on gender equality

We will work to develop a gender equality sensitive language in legislation, education, and media.

Increasing women's participation in decision-making processes

We will work to ensure that women’s gains in the legal area, starting with the Civil Code will be protected and improved; that women will participate in all political, social and economic decision-making processes without any discrimination, and that women will make up 50% in the national and local legislatives, executive bodies, and boards of directors.

Gender equality and equal opportunity in education

We will work to ensure that girls and women participate in all branches and levels of education without requiring extra effort and cost, to reduce to zero the number of illiterate women and women without primary education.

Gender equality in domestic labor

We will produce campaigns and projects to raise awareness, particularly targeting men, in order to make domestic labor, child-rearing and elderly care the joint responsibility of women and men.

More women in business

We will endeavor to ensure active participation of women in every sector of the economy and every part of business life, to increase the rate of female employment, to break through the glass ceiling preventing the access of women to middle and senior management levels, to spread the equal pay for equal work practice, and to encourage female entrepreneurship.